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Can't See Fast Forward/rewind During Extract Image

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I'm using NXT 4 Pro for the first time. Discovered that I can't see fast forward or rewind while in Videowave extract image mode. Plays fine for a few seconds and then the screen freezes. Makes it really hard to find things efficiently. Doubt it's a computer issue, unit was built for editing. But open to thoughts. Thanks all.


In the timeline mode in Video Wave, why don't you just use the scrubber above the video to get close and then play at normal speed until you get where you want to go? Try that and let us know if that helps.

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Thanks for the suggestions. Really do need to see in the extraction mode because I really am trying to extract images. Will try to run a repair.




Move your cursor to where you want it and in the preview, you should get the option to grab the image (camera icon). Remember that the video is just that so the resolution is that of a video and no where near the resolution of a photo.

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