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Dennis Haldiman

Non-Readeable Bluray


Using Toast 14, I have burned 3 different disks. One BluRay, One high def., and one standard dvd. All three play fine on my Samsung BluRay player. Took them to a friend and his Sony BluRay player will not read any of them. BluRay disk is Verbatim, and standard disks are Memorex. Both players are about 7 years old, and were good ones when purchased. The Sony player has no problem playing purchased BluRay movies. I make videos for people and use both quick movie and MP4 formats. Both play fine on the Samsung, Movies are created using iMovie on iMac, and then loaded into the Toast 14 program.


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I don't have an answer for you, unfortunately. Anecdotally, I had a SONY combo DVD/VHS unit, fairly good unit, and the DVD section was very particular about reading burned DVDs. It was fine with commercially produced discs. At the same time, I also had an inexpensive Magnavox DVD player ($25) that would play pretty much any disc I put in it.


It sounds like you've properly authored your discs, so I'd also suggest trying a different brand or two of blank. Memorex discs are often considered a low-end brand for blanks. Verbatim is considered a good brand, as is JVC/Taiyo-Yuden. A different brand of blank may make the SONY happy, or it may not. As much as we'd like to think digital media is universally writable/readable, that's not the case, and finding the right combination of writer/media/reader can be a challenge.

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