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I Am Hetting Red 'no Signal' On Capture Software.



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But this time something is different... The RGC Device is not seeing a valid signal from your Xbox 360 :huh:


So the problem is between the RGC Device and your Xbox 360. Try different HDMI cables and make sure they are stable and not swinging in the wind. In your Xbox settings make sure you have the Output set to a specific value and not left to 'auto sense'.


If you can try a different HDMI source, like a DVD or BD Player. (won't record but the Red No Signal should go away)

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Red No Signal still means that no valid signal is reaching the device. The pass through, to the TV/Monitor, can still work but whatever the Xbox is sending the device is not correct. ~ the auto sensing I mentioned is a common culprit.


It is remotely possible that the device manager is at fault or corrupted... (don't think that will produce the RED no signal)


With the device plugged in to your PC your Device Manager must show this:





No other errors should be anywhere in the device manager especially one called TRANSCODER!



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