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Capture Problem



You said " and I want to return this software to BestBuy, unless you can fix this ASAP!" We are users so we cannot fix your software!


Some questions to answer before we go further:


1) Did you plug in the USB device BEFORE you installed the program. If so, there is a good chance that that is your probelem. Nope

2) What vcr devices are you trying to capture from?Toshiba 4head hifi vhs

3) Are you using the outputs on the front or back of the VCRs?Nope

4) What happens if you start the video playback on the VCR and then press pause? Does the program see the input?


The program will actually see input but no picture. I had a brief 30 sec view of some video but then i got the 'searching or no video input' screen. I could hear the video but see nothing. Video was tested on tv and it does work....


Hope someone out there can help....


Edited to get the text out of the quote.

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lilredsquirrel, if you read question 3 a little more carefully, you may realize that "Nope" isn't an appropriate answer, unless in fact you're not using outputs from the front or the back of the VCR. Maybe your VCR has outputs on the side? But you do need to use one set of outputs from your VCR, which ones are you using?


Have you tried different tapes? If not, please do so. If yes, have you seen any different results from tape to tape? One particular tape may have a lower recorded signal (or one that has degraded farther) than another. Trying different tapes will help determine if the problem lies with the tape, or the VCR.

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