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Using Toast Titanium 15 Pro Updated To Import Hi8 Digital 8 Tapes On Macos Sierra 10.12.6



So I just purchased an old Sony 830 camcorder with i-link, bought also Apple Thunderbolt to Firewire Adapter & a 9 pin/4-pin Bilingual Firewire 400 cable to connect my Sony camera directly to Mac Thunderbolt port. Should work right?

I understand new iMovie version will not work with analog conversion, so I have updated Toast Titanium Pro for Sierra latest version.

I don't have the camera yet, just bought on eBay.

1)Will I be able to import the camera footage from tapes directly to Toast?

Anyone do this, that might offer a cheat sheet or is it pretty self explanatory? I have contacted Roxio, hoping they will provide simple instructions to achieve this! I have so many home movies our children have never seen, it will be a blast to edit into movies for them!! Really excited to edit 100's of tapes for my parents as well vs 10-15 a pop on Legacy Box!!

Will I be able to do this with updated Toast Titanium Pro? Thanks!!!




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I believe the Sony i.LINK connector will output “DV” digital video, thus not an analog signal, but it will do A﹥D in-camera.

This knowledge base article suggests DV import into iMovie is still possible (although I haven’t tried that, by lack of such camera). I have read about trouble that some uses have had with it, though. Another Apple Support article lists some troubleshooting.

Toast can import from camera, they call it Plug & Burn (page 33 in the User Guide PDF). You can import the whole tape or a certain amount of minutes from a manually set start point. You can cut segments from clips in Toast, but it doesn’t have the editing controls of a real movie editor. But maybe you don’t need that in these transfer projects.

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