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Could Not Record - Don't Have The Required Access Permissions Result Code = -5000


Before I upgraded to OS X Sierra, I had no problem burning DVD's on Toast Titanium Pro 11.

I am now using DaVinci Resolve (previously used Adobe Premiere Pro CC).

I exported so many versions of the file, including a ProRes file, and keep getting the message error.


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The error that you mentioned (-5000 = afpAccessDenied) does not relate to the file format of the movie; exporting different versions won’t help in this case. The error means that the computer tried to access (read or write) a file, but couldn't, because of permissions of that file or one of its parent folders. Each file and folder has properties that determine who (system, admin, user, everyone, etc) may access it.


• Are you logged in to your computer as an Administrator user? (If there is one user account, then ‘yes’.) If not, try again as Admin.

• Try splitting the process in two: first encoding and creating a disc image file, then burning from that source to disc. This will help pinpoint when the error originates.

• Try the same with a different but similar clip: if that works, then the error is likely with you project files; if not, then the error may be unrelated to your project files.

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