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Toast 16 Pro



post-132223-0-89206700-1508143512_thumb.pngI recently purchased roxio toast titanium Pro 16(FOR MAC OSX)...and would of expected the developers of this software to know by now that Mac OS X users use photos app rather than iPhoto app.
So when you connect devices via USB to/via iTunes all your photos,videos automatically get transferred(copied) to your photos app.
So roxio how am I able to then burn photos and videos using your software seeing as though there is only an iPhoto folder in your apps folder, files tree/browser? No photos folder and when,if you do look for that folder and you find it guess what?
You cannot access,view any individual photo,video files there and then in that photos folder using your apps folders/files tree,browser.
And because your tech support had absolutely no knowledge,idea(solution!) to this experience shows me then Im left only with what other option?
To contact apple support as though it should now wind up as their problem to have to solve while you people do nothing?
So I guess I have the only available exhaustive task to left click on each individual photo/video in my photos app on my Mac that i wish to record to BD-R and click edit with roxio for it to appear in project window area?

Ridiculous and to think roxio is probably plain oblivious to the fact majority of people use photos app on Mac OS X and not iPhotos anymore.
Funny I dont see any of this topic yet to come up/be addressed in this forum and the tech support at roxio only send you out an automated sounding incorrect solution straight from their PDF manual which I already read.....neither of which assists at all.

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You are absolutely right: a modern application that has provisions for iPhoto, should also have that for Photos. It has been a while since April 8, 2015 (introduction of Photos.app), so there has been ample time to implement this.

On the other hand, personally I have never used Toast in that way, and I won’t make claims as to what the majority of users do.

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Well Roxio titanium 16 Pro....I ain’t going to all the trouble of researching internet either so I can find a simple way to have all my photos in my photos app on my Mac appear in iPhoto’s app just for roxio/Mac OS X shithouse incompatibility sake/convenience so looks like a case of make folders in finder then click/drag drop individual photos/videos to those folders first then add those folders to project area of titanium pro blu-ray burner......and I’m using m-disc blu-ray 50GB disc and last thing I want to hear is “debates” now on here about longevity regarding data disc long term storage/back up solution.

The blu-ray burner I bought supports m-disc which is the whole purpose of this exercise seeing as though iCloud is just pay regular ongoing $ amounts for data storage....Apple time capsule is ^#!& long term because of incorrect capacitors/Power with no vent to expel all the built up hot air inside which kills the hard disc....can you beleive that stupidity and they haven’t done any modifications homework on this before pumping out another crappy model.A guy in England has far more idea on how to modify so no “fry” he knows more about this than them knobheads at apple........

anyway for longetivity,data disc back up(photos,videos,mp3,docs...etc)...then m-disc is the go.I haven’t tried burning data m-disc yet using titanium pro 16 but bloody roxio could of helped sped that up by now so none of this click drop/drag photo video from photo app to folders I created in finder.......

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