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Blue Ray Disc Options


I realize I will need the 'Blue Ray PlugIn'....

In MyDVD, when making a video disc, Roxio 2012 Pro gives me the option of a standard 25gig or 50gig disc.


Does NXT6 support the higher Blue Ray sizes? 100gig, 200gig? Or are we stuck with 25/50 gig blue ray discs?



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Good question and since none of us have the BD Option yet, can't answer :wacko:


I don't even have anything past 50 GB to try it. I know that 100 GB DATA discs were OK, but don't know about Movies?


A trick that can be done and you can try this on 2012 if you have it, is to insert a 100 GB disc before you start a new project and see if MyDVD recognizes it as such. (if anyone has NXT 5 and a 100 GB disc please try that)


If it does, you have it made as far as burning.


PLAYERS are going to be the question with these higher capacity burned discs! I would bet that all of them have a disclaimer about burned media or may just say no. Check yours to see.

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