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Roxio Recording Is Buggy And Pixelated if bitrate is too low



Hey so I'm having an issue with my Roxio HD Capture Pro, I bought it a few years ago but never really used it, I recently tried using it and my recordings look really bad the screen gets pixelated every time I make my character turn in game and some times at random intervals the recording will just break usually in the lower right side of the screen, is my Roxio broken? Oh also I'm recording on my PS3.


Here's a video showing my problems -

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Not what any of us would want to see!


Does it show up in the Preview pane of the capture software or just the recording?


How are you hooked up? Should be PS3 to Roxio then USB to your PC. Are you using a monitor? If so, how do you get the PS3 signal to that monitor?


What quality level are you capturing in?

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It shows up in the preview sometimes but I'm quite sure it pops up more in the final recording


I'm hooked up with component cables from my ps3 to my Roxio then HDMI to my tv and USB to my computer.


Um Quality is recorded on 720P

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Don't Know! :wacko:


Nothing strikes from your hookup so more testing is needed to pin this down...


Does it happen with All Games or just certain ones?


Can you try another source of input? A DVD or BD Player. Composite would be best to use but HDMI would be acceptable. While less of a test, your PS3 on HDMI would work. You can't record but you can watch the preview.


Try the RGC device/software on another PC. You could loan it to someone for this test.

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