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Frank Goodyear

Custom Overlay For Videowave


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I wanted to create an overlay that was opaque. I wanted the top 3/8" a black bar. There didn't seem to be one listed but in the drop down for overlays there is custom category listed but is empty. I assume you are able to create a custom overlay. I have attached an actual image of the screen. There is not a lot of documentation regarding the program VideoWave. Also by creating this overlay I could place text on the opaque black bar. I would also like to be able to do is crop (not resize) the video, all I found out in the forum is 10 years old and it was a feature that wasn't available.back then.





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Your screen shot shows that you have selected "custom". If you have not created one, then that box will be empty. In the dtop down where you see custom, change that to all. I have used this software for many years and this is the first time that I remember that someone asked about a custom overlay. I have no idea on how to make one.


The image is from NXT6 but it should be the same in NXT 5,


If you still see nothing in all overlay, your anti-virus may have prevented a .dll from registering properly. Turn off your anti-virus and then do a repair of the program. Reboot and see if you have the items as shown in the image.


Look at the text effects; there are several there that you can add/edit/move.. I think that is a better choice.



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I don't recall ever seeing anything about saving a custom effect :huh:


Let's deal with your other questions...



What is it you want to crop?

How, what are you looking for?

What is the ration of your source? Project?

What do you want a 3/8" black bar to do?

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