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Installing an upgrade



 Hey y'all I have a quick question, Going to NXT 6.

 It's been awhile since I've upgraded NXT versions and I can't remember the proper process to verify the upgrade, do I uninstall the old version first? And if so how does it verify that I am upgrading? Old key?

Some other products I have I just run the installer and it removes the old version installs the new version yada yada, but I'm not sure about Roxio, that's why I'm confused.



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NXT Pro 2, it doesn't work perfectly with windows 10 though, have had it crash a few times.

Yeah I have been reading about some of the things about video wave and have been avoiding the upgrade, but I'm also using Cyber link, Adobe apps and those have some features that video wave doesn't, I'm going to give the version 6 a try though I really like the music and photo apps, I am also highly interested in the Paint shop pro v9.

Any ideas on installing the upgrade?

thanks cdanteek

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