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me too



I am also having the corrupted audio issue in videowave.  Quite annoying.  It corrupts without regard to the video format I use or the audio format (when adding sound to the music or fx track).


Videowave is completely unusable.  I have reinstalled once (and I am really bothered by the install limitation).


I know this is a user supported forum - but I hope someone from Roxio/Coral is monitoring these forums.



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Yes the fact that Corel has no one monitoring these forums is quite telling. Seems to me since the buy out  by Corel, interest in this program is just not there. I got sucked in to 2 version since the buy out. and neither runs on windows 10 or even windows 8.1 and Corel seems to not be interested in anything except sucking in old users of Adaptec and Roxio hoping Corel would get serious about the program.

I guess with the lack of interest in CD and DVD market and BD not really getting off the ground there must just not be enough money in the program to put any time and money into improving it.

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Sound like and reads like you posted the problem before.  If you can get the program to run, Please start your own thread and include the dxdiag.exe on your computer as an attachment.  You should be able to do that.  You should also be able to create a new question.  Please also explain what you are experiencing in more detail.  Does any part of it install?  Are you trying a full install or a selected install?

Remember you can run as many repairs as you want but you had only 20 installs.  That should be enough for anyone who is not doing a lot of beta trials or who is trying to give the program away to friends (not that you would).  Also remember that it doesn't work well if  1) you install with the antivirus on, 2) try to install to a drive other than your system drive or 3) try to run the program on a network drive. 

There is no personal information in the dxdiag text file except for what you have named your computer.

Without more information from you, you are crying into the wind. 

I may be wrong but I don't think that Corel will put a lot of effort into improving this program.  I think the base was for a very old version of Windows.  They will not spend a lot of money on upgrading the program.  They will do upgrades for Pinnacle and if they can be easily modified for Roxio then it is a possibility.

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