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Capture Quailty



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What are you using to convert the analog signal to digital in order to do the capture?

Stay with the original resolution of 720 by 480 ( or the equivalent).  The quality of the capture is also dependent on the condition of the tape and the player.  Search on-line  for what you can do to clean the player and the tape.  If you are hands on, here is an article that may help on the player.

Also if you see a warning on one of your home made tapes, it usually means that that part of the tape is in bad condition and giving the impression that it is a copy protected commercial tape (some are and some are not) 

Some TVs will upscale the quality but don't expect high definition quality. 

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I'm using a device called Dazzle 100 by Pinnacle.  Connects directly between the PC and VHS player.  Then I'm using Roxio's Capture Video.  The reason I was asking is because in Capture Settings it gives you 5 different choices, see attachment.  The first 2, DV and DVDHQ would give me the 720 x 420 as you suggested I use.   But of these two, which would be the best to use?  The DV creates a much larger file size (avi), whereas the other creates an MPEG-2.


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DV is digital video AVI which is uncompressed.  Use it if you have the hard drive space.  It will be easier and faster (generally) to capture and edit.

DVDHQ is mpg2  which is compressed.  It captures in the format that is used on DVD discs.  The HQ is the bit rate of the video; the higher the better.  If the tapes are bad or your computer is underpowered (e.g. i3 or i5) then there may be more bad spots to edit out.  There may be some out of sync audio because your computer is capturing, encoding and trying to keep up with the audio at the same time.

If you don't have a lot of hard drive free space, you may want to buy a USB portable hard drive to 1) move some programs and other resources to that other drive and 2) Have enough free space for the capture.  Make sure your system drive is cleaned of old programs and junk files and defragged (if it is not a solid state drive).

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