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Service Pack 3 notes?



I recently got an update to install Service Pack 3 when I launched the program. I installed it successfully and just wondering what are the patch notes for this update. I've searched everywhere on web, especially on the Roxio website where it only makes reference to service pack 1 & 2.

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I haven't seen any release notes for that ServicePack, but perhaps Corel will update the 'Updates' page eventually - if they still do that.

The SP2.1 updates the program to version 102B22A

The SP3.0 updates it to 102B26A.  This doesn't look like much of a number change, but the updater uninstalls large chunks of the program and then reinstalls new chunks, so a lot has been replaced.  The updater has about 175MB devoted to GameHD_1x, about 16MB devoted to CPDecoderpack, and about 3MB each to GameCapHD_USB x64 and x86.  Given the amount changed, it might take them a time to write up the release notes :)

Hope this helps . . .

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8 hours ago, Jim_Hardin said:

I haven’t heard of SP3?

Wonder if it was the one for Win 10?

No it was Roxio. As soon as I launched the program the Software Manager window popped up with the Roxio Game Capture SP3 3.0 hyperlink.

Here is the file sitting in my downloads folder


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