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Sound garbled MYDVD



I'm running NXT6 PRO
On Windows 10 with all fixes applied
I play the wmv file on my computer, and sound is perfect.
I use MYDVD, successfully burned to DVD. 
Play the dvd on  my comouter and on a dvde player and sound is staticky and gets progressivel worse.
Per Einstein's definition of insanity (repeat an activity multiple times expecting a different result), after trying DVD-R I tried a DL DVD, and same bad sound.
Wondering what I'm doing wrong. I'm pretty sure theis didn't use to happen (pre NXT 6) 
Mistake in installation? Shouldn't use MYDVD?


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I have the same issue on a newly installed Mydvd version.

I've added 2 mp4 video files both with music.  The 2 files work perfectly in all other players, but I burn a DVD with Roxio and audio starts out fine but about 1/2 way thru the sound gets garbled, crackle etc...  

Frustrating!!  Anyone have the answer?


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The audio in the WMV  file is fine, no problem.
Burn it with my DVD to a DVD.
Play the DVD on DVD player and the sound gets progressively more garbled.
Try playing the DVD on my computer and same problem.
I did this with DVD-R.


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A DVD will hold 1 hour of HQ video. If you try to stuff more onto one it 'fits' by degrading the quality. I won't say that is your issue, just something to keep in mind.

As a test, take the same WMV file into Video Copy and Convert.

For output choose Video then Custom. Select H.264 for Compression and 720 X 480 (NTSC) for Resolution. Data Rate should fill in at 8,000 kbps. This will save the file as an mp4 with the same name. (look in Video - My Movies)

Now with our test file, start a new MyDVD project and use that file. You can 'burn' that file to a Folder instead of using a disc, than Play that as a DVD. If it works OK, try a disc.

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