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Toast 16 gets Result Code=-1743388673


At the first run of Toast 16, Toast request typing a serial number. I checked on Toast It and Mount It, then proceed it freezes with "Result Code=-1743388673".

MacOS 10.13.3

Toast 16 Titanium (4867)

I have tried to uncheck of Toast It and Mount It, it is resulted as freezes at user registration.


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I receive the same error code for a completely different task.  Upon attempting to mount [shift-command-M] an .sd2f file generated by Toast, I receive the error message: 

"Couldn't complete the last command because of a Mac OS error. Result code = -1743388673."

I contacted support and they have informed me that Toast no longer supports the sd2f file format.  Even though Toast 16's output is to an sd2f file.  Strange . . .

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I don’t have a list of these 10-digit error codes, so I don’t know what that code means. The regular macOS error code numbers that I know of, are 16-bit signed integer (-32,768 to 32,767), so I’m thinking your result code might be from a different list, and application specific. I’m just a fellow user, so perhaps someone at Support may know more or be of help? I doubt the script readers recognize the code, but a higher echelon might be able to look it up.

I would delete any of the Preference files (*), even delete the Toast folder in /Applications, reboot with a minimum of peripherals, and try the installer again.

(*) Delete these, if they are present, for a clean slate start:
~/Library/Preferences/Roxio Toast Prefs
/Library/Preferences/com.roxio.Toast.plist ( ← older Toast versions)
/Library/Application Support/Roxio/
~/Library/Application Support/Roxio/ ( ← not sure which versions of Toast used this folder)
~/Library/Saved Application State/com.roxio.Toast.savedState/
[where ~ is a shorthand for your home folder, and a / at the beginning signifies the root of the boot volume.]

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