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where is the burn button



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sorry about the confusion. There is a learning curve when going from Creator 9 to NXT 5.

So, I create my work of art in Videowave. What are the steps I need to take to make this production into a dvd to watch on my TV?

Where is the "Send to MyDVD in Videowave?

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Hi roubee!

Actually, VideoWave has never had any 'burn' capability... MyDVD is the application where burning is done. Sad to say, you will find this version of it lacking :(

VIdeoWave does have the ability to Export As and in there you can choose the output you wish to use after edit. That is best to use if movie authoring (burning) is not your final solution. Use it for things like edit & effects for a single clip that is going to be part of a larger multiple clip project. Likewise if you want to make a clip to stream with or use in a phone or pad device, that is what you want to use ;)

There is another button in VideoWave, 'Send to MyDVD'. In the NXT 5 & 6 versions it will create an intermediate file in the proper format for MyDVD. You still have to open MyDVD and load that file into it but think of it as Export As only with a pre-set that will put it in the proper format for MyDVD.

You will likely have more questions, so feel free to ask.

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It no longer has the Send to DVD like the older version :(

Now you have to output a file one of two ways in VideoWave, then manually add that file into MyDVD.

You can use the Export As option. Pick the Purpose and note the file location:



Or using the Prepare for Authoring option:


Pick your Purpose and make sure you know WHERE the output file is going!

Then open MyDVD, both can be open now since they are different programs.

You add the file either using the Media tab in MyDVD and navigating to its' location:


Or drag it in using Windows File Explorer:


Try it out and see if you understand it. There is one other option and that is to use Video Copy and Convert to burn a Movie Disc.

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