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editing an mp4 vidio with creator nxt 6

Mark Y




i just got creator nxt 6, pro...   i had 2012 roxio pro  and i was able to edit an mp4 file with it....


so far with creator nxt 6  i cant find a real way to edit the video format file... i want to be able to take the video and edit it by frame and change the audio...  i tried looking for everything i can think of... but dont know what i may have  missed

please help... i have windows 10 ect...



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want to be able to follow the post for help
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NXT 6 should be able to edit mp4 files.  Did you try it using Video Wave.  Were you able to open Video Wave  (edit video- advanced)?  Were you able to add the file to the timeline? 

Where did you get the file?  Is it on your computer?  Is it  high definition?  Make sure you have selected that as the format in VideoWave.

Explain "edit video BY FRAME"   If you want to really do this, spread out the timeline to see the file with more detail. 

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