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Photos,videos in Mac OS X photos app



I googled up “where photos files are stored on Mac OS X” and I found this.



Im not sure yet as I haven tried but would this filepath they give in this article ~ also come up in titanium pro 16 browser/tree structure....better still with individual thumbnails so as to select/deselect photos you want then drag to project area?

Im not sure my way I have been doing things in preparation for burning photos,videos files/data to an m-disc blu-Ray disc is the correct way...

ie:I’ve made folders in finder for the photos I have/want in photos app to go in and it’s very tedious having split screen and selecting individual photo/video from photos app and dragging it across to relevant folder in finder.When finished such laborious task I then would just add these folders to the project area.At least when the screen split goes back to photos app you have the last photo you dragged across highlighted(some consolation for an unnecessary ^#!& amount of hard work....sigh!)

So would that tedious task too in essence mean...”copying?” And that shouldn’t affect what is left in my photos app/project area?

I think from what I can remember is you can left click on individual photo/video in photos app and click “open in other app>titanium pro” as import? You would be there until xmas 2019 at that rate as photos doesn’t allow “batch click,left click and copy all to toast”...with no folder too mind you.

It would be nice instead to have a structured folder set up to go in toast so add the whole folder in one hit to project area which is why I hope the folders in finder way works.

Would these files in the file path they are talking about on webpage in the above link....would they be the “originals?”


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