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Critical Registry Key needed. Will not run!



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Hello Bill,

Many of us have NXT 6 running properly under Windows 10, so there's no inherent conflict between the software and the Operating System.  Your problem looks like an installer error.

May I suggest [1] You try a "repair install".  Firstly turn off/disable your anvivirus program (disconnect from the Internet to stay safe), exit from any other running programs, and then run your installer (Disc or download). Instead of install or uninstall, choose "Repair" and see if that corrects the problem.

[2] If that doesn't fix it you will need a "full reinstall". First uninstall the Roxio program and clean up any remnants you can see on your hard drive.  Then, with no other running programs and with your antivirus off, reinstall NXT 6.  You will need the Internet connected at least until after you have entered your installer key, but should be able to disconnect after NXT 6 has phoned home to Roxio and verified the key.  You are allowed 20 attempts before you need to get the key reset by Roxio, but they can go pretty quick when you have an installer problem, so don't waste them.

Go well . . .


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