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Roxio support insecure website warning


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Hi theoldarchiver,

Ive just logged in to Roxie support forums on my iPad Pro and didn’t get any security warning this time.Yesterday on my Mac I was using latest Mac OS X safari browser...and a paid yearly current version trend internet security for Mac running in background(so that’s a bit of a worry as trend didn’t alert me to the security issue) I think it was safari browser and the browser had a red exclamation mark on it?

Anyhow I have got some good news regarding my experience with Roxio titanium pro 16 for mac and I hope this gives the developers a real incentive to make sure toast 16 pro is 64 bit compatable in about 3 months time co-inciding with apples next Mac OS X major upgrade.

Would you beleive that this morning I successfully wrote and verified a 50GB M-Disc using toast 16 pro for mac......

Writing time @ 28 minutes

Verification time @ 26 minutes

WOW!! ?

What makes things even more impressive is that not once did my fans come on!

Not once....and I use temperature pro app on my toolbar and max temp reached would of only been in the low 60 degrees Celsius!

I can play back the M-Disc BD-DL on my el,cheapo laser blu-ray,DVD media center player as well.I checked the disc on my Mac after burning and only issue I had was ejecting disc problem and I wasn’t going to run the risk of force eject/corruption so I had to ask Mac OS X Siri what to do and it said to shutdown then restart and I ejected it from desktop and it worked.

So let’s hope my good experience this morning gives roxio/Corel incentive to be 64 bit compliant by the time Apple upgrades Mac OS X.





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