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Adding videos to a DVD disc.

Jim B


I am recording some programs for my daughter on DVD – RW discs. I plan on transferring these programs to DVD + R discs after editing them in video wave. After burning one program to a disk can I, subsequently, burn more programs to the same disk?
Thanks in advance for any help. Jim B.

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If you're just storing video files on a data DVD, you can do as many additional burns as will fit on the DVD as long as you don't "close" the DVD.  However if you're making a standard Video DVD to play in a standard player, the disc is burned once and further burns are not allowed.

A standard single-layer video DVD which will play in your usual stand-alone DVD player, will hold about an hour of video at best quality.   Trying to compress the video to fit more will degrade the output quality severely, and using 'Fit to disc' can be pretty disastrous.  Double/Dual layer discs can hold up to twice as long, but they can be awfully fiddly and hard to use successfully.

In Videowave you can 'add' movies and/or film clips to the project and use menus if wanted - up to the time limit - so you could include two half-hour episodes on the one disc.  But once you have everything assembled to your liking in Videowave, the project is burned to disc in one operation and the disc is closed.

When you send your creation from Videowave to MyDVD to be burned, the standard DVD structure is created on your disc which is then closed so that nothing further can be written to the disc.   Only one standard DVD structure can be written to a DVD, so that's why only one burn operation is allowed.

I hope this answers your question, but feel free to ask if I've missed something.


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