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MyDVD doesn't recognize .dmsm files



I have a similar question.  VideoWave productions, saved as .dmsm, are not showing up under Media when I run MyDVD - attempt to create a DVD. Why?  Have I not saved them properly within the VideoWave app?

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In older versions of Creator the two programs Videowave and MyDVD were quite well integrated.  That ended when the fully-featured Roxio MyDVD was replaced by a separate, simplified, reduced-feature Corel MyDVD.  Now you have to fully prepare your movie in Videowave and then send it to MyDVD for burning.

The .dmsm file is a very small Project file for Videowave.  It's a few kilobytes in size and contains only instructions, no video.  MyDVD has no use for that file.

To create a DVD you need to load your .dmsm file back into Videowave with your source video files still available in their original locations, then use the "Prepare for Authoring" button


to send your video project to MyDVD for burning. It's now a two-program, two-step process, and your .dmsm is only recognized by the first program, Videowave.

Regards, Brendon

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