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MESSAGE "info_null.png found but cannot be loaded"



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Thanks for your reply.

Sorry,I gave you some dodgy information. When I said burn from Videowave should have been My DVD

Have solved that problem by splitting the long movie into two parts.

However, despite first deleting all music, text effects from first half of videowave and then all panels from this half all music in the second part disappears !

Doesn't make sense to me 

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yes much more manageable n two parts although put them onto a DL disc

No it was music that I had added onto videowavw

Next problem (!) editing is really difficult as when playing is really jerky, sometimes freezing and missing bits when catching up

Have run Graphics Test and tried altering to Software but no different

Video Card ?


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Well..... VideoWave does not have any provision to burn a disc by itself. In NXT, it works by compiling a file suitable for MyDVD to burn.

IF you are getting this message during the compiling stage, it suggests that a part of your project is missing or corrupt. My guess is that it is one of the transitions you picked. If you change VideoWave to Storyline view, you should quickly be able to see red-X marker if that is the case.

Of course the time honored fallback is to insert disc and run Repair ;)

Let us know what you find.

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Keep one other thing in mind. In NXT the only way to control quality is by US to limit the length of a movie!!!

HQ = 1 hour on a DVD or a BD 25 GB. (2 hours if a DL DVD or 50 GB BD)

MyDVD will simply not tell you and keep degrading the Quality every time those simple limits are exceeded.

I am guessing this music is what you want to accompany the Menu before the movie begins? Keep it real simple, a menu is only there to help you find your seat in the dark. Nobody goes to the theater to watch a menu ;)

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