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NXT Pro 6 complete uninstall


A few years ago I had disc burning issues with NXT 5 pro and support ended up having me do a complete uninstall and reinstall. After that it ran perfectly. Now I'm having the same issues with 6 and I was wondering if anybody knows the list of files that need to be deleted for a complete uninstall?

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Suggest you go on line and download the free trial program "Revo-uninstaller Pro". Use it to uninstall your NXT6 and then let it do a "moderate" scan for left over register files and delete all of them when asked.

Then do a complete reinstall of the program. NXT6 will allow 10 only reinstalls. So keep that in mind.

Correction---I have just be advised that Corel has changed the number of installations of NXT6 to 20

rather than the 10 I suggested. My apologies.

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