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SantaFe Texas


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These incidents are sad beyond belief. I always felt safe when I was in school and these kids deserve the same. Bottom line, there's too many sick people in this world and the devil has it easy.

But, if you take away all the guns, they'll make bombs, use knives, whatever. Sick people are sick. They'll do whatever they want and a school is easy picking. I'm not sure what will work. We may be just a totally lost country with no  hope at all.
This is just sad, sad, sad!

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Every time I keep asking yhe same question...How in world do these sickos

Get their guns (shot guns, rifles and pistols) into the school to begin with ?

Sad is a good word Paul but its worse than that !! Can you imagine one of the parents having to go to the morgue and identify one of their kids ? Breaks your heart !!


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