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Monty Lee

Toast project file conversion


I just found out that Toast 16 (and 11-15 I think) will NOT open previous versions project files, meaning the project is incapable of burning a replacement DVD. The project is "lost" as far as what the Corel representative said. He also said that earlier versions of the software cannot be installed because they won't run with the latest versions of MacOS.

So Corel is not helpful at all, and I can't believe a company makes software that couldn't even read previous versions of project files and convert them.

Is anyone aware of a 3rd party program/service/utility that can convert old Toast files (7-10) into Quicktime, iso, disc, or any other format that I can then burn replacement DVDs?

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Please note that the project files (.disc) do not contain any content, and never did, but only contain settings and the location pointers for the content. While re-creating old setups is a pain to do, you could re-create old disc projects if you still have the source files.

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