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Is NXT 6 a substantial improvement over 5?


I was wondering if any NXT 6 users who also had version 5 could weigh in on whether or not this is an improvement over its predecessor.

I'm not referring to features, those always "improve".  I'm talking about things like stability and functionality.

For instance, I rip audio books from CD frequently.  in NXT 5, if you had multiple CD/DVD readers you could theoretically start a rip from multiple disks simultaneously.  I would often run 4 disks at the same time.  In practice, it was clear (I'm a programmer) that they had serious multi-threading issues because often the rip from one CD would corrupt or interfere with the output from another.  The program in general was buggy, crashed frequently, and misbehaved more than just about any other utility I owned.

I'm only prepared to be fooled a second time if the general consensus is that the product is Much Better Now.  

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I doubt that there have been substantial improvements in that program between 5 and 6.  That is not a consensus but could be depending on how many others respond.  ;)

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