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Won't Burn, Getting Message "the Connection Is Not Stable."

Orange County California


After the Sony BD-R disc is finished encoding, an error message pops up and the disc is no longer burning.

"Interface Error 4: The connection is not stable."  I attached a screenshot at the bottom.

I have used the same disc since I got it, in fact, I last used in late October and it worked fine, until now.  I used it that following week and that's when it stopped working for no reason.  I haven't done anything to it to change it. Why is the error message coming up and why will it no longer burn discs? I checked my wire connections and nothing got unplugged as far as I can tell.

I have since upgraded my Mac OS to High Sierra 10.13.4   Just now, I called customer support and after telling them I was using version 15, they told me to upgrade to version 16.  I put down my money and I'm STILL getting the same results.

I have opened a case with customer support, but I am not hopeful they will solve this problem.  Last time I called customer support, they would not call me back.  They only communicate via E-mails and that is not a way to help me.  I wish they can connect to my computer so that they can solve this nagging issue once and for all.  I have a project that is due in two weeks.

This is the feedback I got when I posted my issue in the version 15 forum:

Could it be that the movie encoding took a long time and the drive or connection went into sleep mode? If so, you could make it a two step process: encode and save as disk image, and burn from disk image.

No, the movie encoding did not take a long time and it is not in sleep mode.

If you have other external devices connected, perhaps those can interfere, so try again without those connected.

I don't have any other external devices connected.

Maybe your connection cable has suffered from a sharp bend or rough handling of the plug; maybe the cable isn’t shielded as much as it should be (is it next to other electrics?); those could cause bad connections and a quality replacement cable could fix the situation.

There is nothing wrong with the cable connection.  I was able to play a standard DVD on it and open a file on a CD-ROM with no problem.

Anyway, I think the message is invoked because the software detected that something is wrong with the hardware.

As far as I know, there is nothing wrong with the hardware.



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