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Here it is. For all those who are concerned about Roxio not supporting the future of Toast. 64 BIT!!! So it will be ready for OS Mohave! There is a standard upgrade of $50 off the standard pricing. If you want the Pro version, you'll need to get the Blue Ray plugin.

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 I bought the Pro version (upgrade) but where is Win Zip 6.5? It is not in the ProContent package.

Never mind I found it it was in the ToastPro17.pkg 

And I was hoping this Pro could also burn UHD Blu-ray disc's, perhaps a feature request ?

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So could anyone confirm: with 17 it is still the case, that the only way to see what your DVD/Blu-ray will look like, menus and all, is to go through the complete rendering and burning process to create a DVD (or disk image of one)?

Also, would a mod like to change this forum's subtitle from "questions for Toast 16" to "17"?

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