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Error message when burning on a BD- disc


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I just purchased a copy of Toast Titanium 17 Pro yesterday but had problem burning on a BD- disc. The error message:
Could not record the disc because of Mac OS Error.
Result Code = -9999
appeared after encoding is complete. I am running OS 10.13.6 on an iMac with a Samsung SE-506AB disc drive.  Any suggestion as to how to solve this problem?

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Mac OS Error Code -9999 stands for “cannotMoveAttachedController”. I don’t know what that means in this context, and it could even be a secondary error that isn’t related to the actual cause.

One of the possible issues with encoding and burning in one go, is that the USB drive might go to sleep mode, and therefore not be ready when it is time to do the burning process. Set Toast to “Prevent App Nap” in the Get Info window in Finder. Set computer to Energy Saver to have the computer never sleep and to not “put disks to sleep when possible” (uncheck) during this.

Alternatively, try saving as Disk Image first, to split the process in two steps, so you can do burning only when the first step completed successfully without errors.

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I understand the issue with the drive of the computer going to sleep mode and have taken steps to prevent that.  In fact, I have no problem burning the some file on the same media using Toast Titanium 16.  The problem only occurred with TT17Pro.

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After deleting a quite few old files in the library the issue of not burning a HD file has disappeared.  However, when I convert a video_folder to a video file it stopped in the middle so a 2-hour video becomes only 22 mins long.  Also, when clicked on the option button the program crashed.  Very frustrating!

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