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Mydvd remembers a past project



Hi, I have been using NXT 3 for a long while and it served my purposes I did try a later version and failed and got a refund I now decided with Windows 10 to get the latest but again run into problems.

When I try to install NXT6 pro having paid for it I have the problem that when I run mydvd then author a DVD it remembers a past project and when it can't find it it closes.

I have contacted support who tried to help with no luck,they sent me a script of files to remove leftovers after uninstalling which I followed to no avail, I then did it again only this time used Revo uninstaller to help cleaning up the PC but still no luck.

I asks support if they would let me have info on where NXT6 stored the keys or .INI files that this information is stored in but this seems beyond their brief so with luck the brains here can help please.

Keep well all,


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You're right. I usually just use the moderate option and it has always removed all traces

of left over files from a deleted program. Only other possible reason is it's still on your

computer is that it was it was saved to some other location on your computer when a

project was produced. It would look for the files in the usual location but not knowing

where else it might be on the computer.



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3 hours ago, REDWAGON said:

Another suggestion---Search your computer for anything that has the file extension of ??.DMSD.

I'd be very careful about that one. I looked in mine, and there's 107 *.DMSD theme files installed in the  MyDVD\Content\DVD\16x9\Themes branch.



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Thank you all I am happy to say I have got it sorted problem I don't know how ? as I said I removed all but the C drive ran Revo then Gleary and to my surprise that found that Roxio was still installed! It ran Roxios own uninstaller as Revo does but no scan so I had no faith in it restarted twice then ran NXTs installer got a massage to say I was installing on a different PC and needed my email and PW it then installed and after another restart on running mydvd the old project had gone at last.

As I had not used NXT since NXT3 due to all the problem's I had with NXT4 there were no DSM files on the PC so where it had found this old project it kept looking for I do not know.

Anyway thank you all again it is a shame we have to rely on volunteer members to fix things as I still think Coral does not have much interest in Roxio and despite the friendly and prompt response from their help desk the script they work from is very basic.

Keep well and have a good run up to Christmas.  

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Thanks daf….. Glad you got the problem all sorted out. Not sure how much help our guys were

at solving the problem but as you suggested..probably more help than Corel. But I'm sure their

guys are more familiar with other types of programs they have out.


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