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Hi, I use Avery 5698 audio cd labels and I cannot find the template for this label.  Also, I noticed that I was able to see time stamps next to songs I wrote on the audio cd template I see on the screen but when I attempted to create the actual label and selected Auto-fill from Disc, the time stamps do not appear. Is there a way to have them appear? I searched for options to add the time stamps but I don’t see any option to do this.  Also, does anyone know if Roxio can print cd titles directly onto a cd as opposed to applying an adhesive paper label?  Also, is there a way to center the titles?  I just tried to center them after the auto fill from the disc, and there is no option to do this either.  Thanks.

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I forgot to ask another question when I was drafting it.

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Save your self a lot of grief and spend $30 for "Sure Thing" Deluxe label maker.  The label maker that is in the Roxio program is a light and corrupted version of an early version and hasn't worked well in several.  iterations.  Typically it remembers only the top two titles and forgets the rest.  You would have to add the others manually and hope that they are not forgotten.

If you get it just right and you printer allows for it, it will print to a CD or DVD.


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