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Dragging many songs to the content area


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After years of avoiding Toast (and getting my money back for #10),
I've decided to try again. So, already I'm having a problem dragging
multiple songs from the Media Browser to the Content area.
I understand that you should be able to highlight the first in a list
and click on the Shift key while highlighting the last in the list that
you want to drag into the Content area. It doesn't work. It only
highlights individual tunes. Am I looking at trouble again?

OS 10.11.6 & Toast 17.2

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OK, so I try to drag just one file over to the Content area
and it won't go because it says that it's not an audio file,
even tho it clearly states, " xxxxx.mp3 was not added,
because it is not a sound file, or is not in supported format."

I'm just trying to access the cross-fading capabilities
which seem to be available for "AUDIO CD" creation,
but not available for "mp3 DISC" creation.

It looks like I'll be asking for my money back again...

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On 11/5/2018 at 1:46 PM, theoldarchiver said:

No application can do that, without making one big file. Such is the nature of an MP3 disc.

I thought the nature of an mp3 disc was to hold mp3s.
Lots of times, I've had a collection of mp3s that segue.

Anyway, the new problem is that apparently, with 17,
it won't accept an mp3 of any kind in order to create
a CD disc (you could do this in Toast 10). ...and, again,
if you try to line up a bunch of mp3s for an "mp3 Disc"
there's no way to create segues.

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I'm not a Toast user, but there's a difference between an Audio CD and an MP3 CD.  The format of the data on the disc is completely different.  With an Audio CD, the format of the data is essentially a .WAV format, and the cross-fade option actually overlaps the music, and creates a new location for the start of the Track, and you can fit about 80 minutes of music on such a disc, and the tracks have a definite "order" when the disc is played.  (Not that you can't use "shuffle" play, but you'll always here the overlap from the "previous" song in the original play order.)

An MP3 CD is a Data CD with MP3 files. You don't identify the order of playback when you create such a disc, and you can fit many hours of music onto the disc.

You should be able to create an Audio CD using MP3 files, at which point, the MP3 files are decompressed into the .WAV format, and again, the Audio CD is created with an anticipated playback order.

Not sure if that helps or not?

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Thanks for responding. I completely understand the differences and nature of both Audio and mp3 discs.
I've been working with them for decades as a composer. 

Still, you should be able to add mp3s from, for example, an iTunes playlist into a Toast window
and cross-fade them into an audio disc of just under 80 minutes. I've made hundreds of them - 
and they were done in Toast 10.

Also, you should be able to make an even longer mix with cross-fade segues and then export that
result either as one large mix or as individual tracks. This software doesn't do this either apparently.

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