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Toast 17 Pro included WINZIP Fullversion

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During installation Toast 17 Pro on my iMac Pro all went okay. I had entered, if asked, my serial number. Every add-on program and Toast Pro for itself  is working flawlessly, with the exception of WINZIP.

On opening, WINZIP says its a "Evaluation copy". In this window i have to push the "Register button" ( no need to put in the serial number  ) and WINZIP says that the registration was successful. I can work normal with WINZIP. Close it, open again, no warning to register. Even i can boot the Mac without any warning.

But 24 h later, WINZIP wants to be registered again and evaluation period counts down.

Nevertheless the evaluation period has ended, I can register WINZIP daily without any restriction.

Deinstallation, and new installation of the whole Toast Pro package does not bring success.


Does anyone have an idea to get rid of this annoying registration loop ?


Many thanks in advance...


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