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Getting Your TV Screen Using VHS Converter / Memory Error Afterwards


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I have used the Roxio VHS To DVD product for a few years.  After upgrading to a much nicer computer, the product works almost flawlessly.  I am now though running into two problems.

First...  I am trying to hook my converter up to a TV.  I have an old TV where I am able to do direct out and in (AV), and it works fine.  Yet when I use a newer TV with HDMI, the normal out and in (AV) doesn't seem to pick up a signal.  All I get is a popping noise and no video.  Has anyone had any experience using the product to get your TV screen into the Roxio program?

Also.. When I unplug the converter after attempting the TV connection, I receive an error, telling me that an unknown problem happened when trying to access private memory.  It also informs me that memory might be corrupt.  Clicking "okay", the program shuts down.  I know my computer memory is fine, as I have no other computer issues.


Any ideas?



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Yellow/White/Red is Composite.

Red/Green/Blue is Component.

Your newer TV will only have Composite and HDMI. Neither of these signals can be processed by the Roxio Video Capture USB device.

The Roxio GameCAP Pro will do this, but the HDMI signal into has to be one that has copy protection turned off. PS1 and Xbox provide for this. Before any of us would recommend that to you, we really need to know the specs of your TV, PC and the Video Source you are using.

Note that TV's will not have an HDMI out. That signal has to come from elsewhere as they only accept input.

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You may not need a "splitter" you new TV may have the correct input. Your TV probably has a shared component and composite video input

Need the make and model # of you new TV?.


Here is an example of a shared jack:




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Please note that I got the names mixed in my post. I have corrected that.

There is a converter but as to how successful this will be going from a 1920 X 1080 HD signal down to a 720 X 480 SD signal, I can only guess.

Also you are not answering any of the questions asked! We couold be answering you with incorrect information based on false assumptions.

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This is not a new TV.  It just so happens that this TV I never tried hooking up to the converter.  The "old" TV (meaning older technology) is a Polaroid all in one TV/VHS/DVD.  By plugging into the back AV, I am able to connect the converter to work in all three of those situations (Live TV, DVD, VHS).  The one I am having trouble with is a DYNEX from about 6 years ago.  I have taken a picture of the ports.  

I tried the basic Out ports, as well as the off colored ports (Composite?).  I also tried the above video ports connected with the other one set of extra audio ports.  No go....  


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On 2/2/2019 at 2:08 PM, ogdens said:

The  Dynex TV you have does not have any video OUTPUT jacks, so obviously there will be no OUTPUT. As a test, try using your Polaroid TV/DVD/VHS unit.


Yep.  I can do it on that TV, but it is a big hassle due to the TV positioning and hardware I am using (I am trying to capture video games).  I saw the Roxio product, but that requires a free HDMI port, which I don't have (HDMI 1 is cable, HDMI 2 is video games).  Is there no bootleg way to do with with the VHS To DVD converter to save myself money?  If I was to get the video game capture converter, would it run effectively with an HDMI splitter shared between the video game system and converter?  I'm being told by employees at Best Buy that my only other option is an (expensive) video capture card.

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