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HD DVD not playing in blu ray no more



Hi all I made a HD dvd (yes I have the blu ray plug in) and the first one worked but the second one that I did a week later doesn't work. The player reads it then the tv screen SEEMS to look like it's gona play it but comes back to the blu ray menu. Why is this?? When I did the 2nd time I left the vid in .mov I wonder if this is the problem. The first time I think that I did convert it to mp4 then imported it to toast 11. So what is the best way to do this? I don't remember how I did the first one that works in a Blu Ray player.


Thanks for any info!!!

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you may have a problem with blue ray model and toast 11 conversion. MP4 should work but not all blue ray can play. they a dvd player which might work. I do not use this toast 11, any more as it was m=not updated for compatibility, it is soon becoming obsolete. try MP 4 and use PC to play, my iMac will not play the old HD. hope this help. thank you


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