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Hi, have 3 Roxio progs ( Easy Media Creator,Creator2011 Pro ,Creator 2012 pro) ,have been using  Roxio Pro 2011 with no probs for ages, but then got the dreaded error code 8004520c. whilst atempting to burn to dvd

Took these steps..



3.Changed render

4.Updated graphics card

5.Defrag the pc

Still had the prob,so tried the other Roxio progs and had he same error code even after doing the above steps to each prog.

The only part success i have is that Creator Pro 12 will burn to dvd ok only if i do a repair each time which is a pain.

Is there a permanant fix for this error code ,seems odd it effects all 3 progs !

Running Win 10.

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Robteg, have you seen this page over on the Corel site?  They suggest burning the movie as a data disc.

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