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Optical icon is WAY too TINY



I purchased a new high-def laptop and have had to make manifest files to change the size of icons, such as those used with Adobe.

Unfortunately, I don't know how to do that for the icon that appears on my screen when I insert a CD or DVD into my optical drive.

Anyone else have such a problem and how did you fix it.  The icon is unusable as it is tiny, tiny, tiny.


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Hi, Brendon.  Thank you for your response.

I am running Windows 10.  The resolution is 3840 x 1260 (Recommended).

The scale and layout is set to 300% (also Recommended).

The icon in your pic is exactly the one I'm talking about.  I have no idea how to make it larger.  As it is, it's unusable.

Got some ideas for me?  Thanks!

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Glad you're familiar with Scale and Layout, but I'm a bit perplexed here.   

Your icon size should follow the Scale and Layout % value, so at 200% it becomes twice as big.  If yours is set to 300% the Burn icon should be 3x bigger than normal.      Things should be getting a bit huge at that setting - are they not??

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Guru, most other icons do indeed grow larger and look normal, even at 300%.

However, for some programs (such as Adobe) I had to follow the advice found here:  https://www.danantonielli.com/adobe-app-scaling-on-high-dpi-displays-fix/

I was able to find the application file (in the file containing the program), copy it and create a *.manifest file, as Dan Antonielli explains on his website.  The manifest file was then placed in the program folder.  That worked beautifully on a number of programs where, when the program was opened, what popped up was so tiny it was unusable.  When the program was restarted, the icon was resized perfectly.  

I am a musician and I use Finale for composing music.  The manifest file fix worked on that, as well.

Perhaps it would work for this, too -- but I don't know what file controls this icon.  Here's a screen shot so you can see exactly what I'm dealing with:


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Whew!  I had to do some fast learning.

I don't have a high-dpi display and GPU (1920x1080 is best I can manage) so I can't poke a stick at it to see what happens, however after reading Antonielli's article and dissecting his .manifest files (which all seem identical, so I don't see why he offered 4 different downloads) you might be able to do things by dumping one of them in the Roxio Secure Burn folder.

The executable file is Roxio Burn.exe, and it's found in C:\Program Files (x86)\Roxio Creator NXT Pro 3\Roxio Burn 

Here's the menu structure "writ large" so you can read it, in case you can't enlarge it with the manifest file

screen1.jpg.40349dfdfd33c8e786cfb06eb6e562f3.jpgscreen2.jpg.ea8cbead14f799ed55488017ad8afb7c.jpgscreen3.jpg.bc00c80ffac987f812fd825221ffed11.jpg Don't bother with the "Do More" item, it just tries to sell you the very latest version.


Hopefully this will get you further along the way, or even produce the result you want.  I think the burn menu wasn't really written for hi-dpi displays.  :)


Regards, Brendon

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