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VHS to dvd3 plus install from dvd does not work


I just bought 3/18/19 Roxio vhs to dvd3plus from best buy. the box says compatible with windows 10. the install dvd says windows 8,7,vista,xp. when I insert the dvd into the laptop, the drive spins up and down 3 or 4 times but does not load software. date on software disk is 2012. any clues? thanks...

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In a number of earlier operating systems the default action after inserting a CD was to engage "autoplay" and run the program that the CD was set up to run.   This was used by some unscrupulous folk to infect a machine when CDs were carrying viruses, so to protect users against that  the default Windows action was changed and autoplay is not engaged.

It sounds likely that this is what has happened with your Windows 10 machine.  The drive has detected the disc, but won't run it automatically.   If this is the case, you need to log onto your optical drive and find the installer program.   It will be an executable program (.exe) probably called SETUP.EXE.  (Depending on your Windows settings you might not see the ".exe" part of the file name)  Locate it and double-click on it, and that should start things going.


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