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Toast 17 can't read v15 disk files & vice versa


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Has something been changed with Toast 17 which would make it unable to recognize a disk file from Toast v15.2?

I've done clean installs of both 17.4 as well as 15.2 and it seems the ".disc" files they create are incompatible with each other. Toast 17.4 shows a blank disk when opened with a disc file from Toast 15.2.

A file created on Toast 17.4 shows up as blank when opened on v15.2

This might not normally be a problem, but I keep copies of disc files as I sometimes need to make extra copies of a disk at a later date.

Is this incompatibility a known BUG or something that seems to be particular to my setup (iMac running High Sierra 10.13.6)

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9 hours ago, theoldarchiver said:

This happened several times before between major versions. So I kind-of expect the project file functionality to break with each upgrade, and not rely on it so much.

I suppose so...

It's certainly a possibility, though having gone from v5 to 7, to 10, to 15 I'd never experienced it before - but then again I wasn't archiving the old project files either.

I just found them useful when I needed to go back and see just what was on a particular archive disk when other search methods were fruitless.

I would imagine Roxio could include a utility to update project files if they wanted to - One probably even exists...I won't hold my breath however.🤔

Thanks for the reply👍

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Historically, Roxio, and Adaptec before them, did not concern themselves with being backwards compatible, at least with their Creator application.  Most releases were not compatible with the prior release build files.  The ability to open such files with subsequent versions always fell on deaf ears.

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