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NXT Creator 6 getting repeated errors of Burnerstate_Importingmedia Failure 3254845638

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I am using NXT Creator 6 and am trying to burn a Blu-ray project containing 4 MT2S files and getting the error in the title of this post. The total size is appropriately  18 GB, which should fit easily on a 25 GB Blu-ray disk.  I saw a similar post from 2 years ago on the Creator 5 forum, but it was not resolved. Can anyone here provide any pointers/suggestions? I have had mixed results burning Blu-ray projects; I have learned that Magic Mode seems to be more forgiving than Advanced mode.

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This is a followup to my original post:

Does anybody know what the 3254845638 code even means? It's pretty hard to figure out how to proceed if you don't even know what the error is!



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