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How to mute audio when burning DVD-R


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Do you mean you want your video project to be video-only, no audio at all, even though the source has audio?

You could do that in a two-step process:
You could save as disc image. When it is finished, keep the window open. Temporary file of separate video and audio are in ~/Documents/Roxio Converted Items/ , e.g. foo.m2v and foo.ac3. Remove the audio file (important: if kept in place, then Toast will re-combine them), then replace the old video file with the converted one. 
Save as a new disc image file. Test in software player. Burn if satisfied.

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I ended up using Movavi Video Converter.  Purchased the premium one ($50).  It's very easy to convert the files and muting the audio that way.  After that straight to the burner.  Just ripped 37 minutes in 21 video clips right now and worked great!  Used Toast 17 to burn the video.  


Thanks again for your suggestion.


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