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Toast 18


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I was hoping there would be more upgrades to the DVD making app but it is hard to tell if anything has changed without purchasing it, at this point. Nothing new except the WinZip app. I always end up buying the latest version every time since I use Toast so much. Version 17 was very important to have the 64-bit part. My guess is the v18 enhances the 64-bit parts of the app, from a coding perspective.

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I found something different, no more Boinx FotoMagico in the Pro version! That is a sad loss since it was my most used app out of the extras. Instead they are included the Roxio Akrilic app which does not replace that functionality from what I read on the site.

One other thing is they upgraded AfterShot to AfterShot Pro. That is a good bonus.

And of course the new WinZip 7 for Mac.

So far that is all I can find after comparing 17 Pro to 18 Pro. Standard, there are even less changes that I can see via the web site. Less bugs on launch maybe?

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On 7/15/2019 at 7:55 PM, bohalloran said:

Here is the link: https://www.roxio.com/en/products/toast/#overview

What I can't find is what are the differences between version 17 and 18. Does not appear to be much. The "new" in version 18 is not anything I miss or even know much about. Check it out.


What's bad is that I purchased Toast 17 just about two months ago.  I've been fighting with Tech Support to get it to work since then.  It just refused to launch (crashes).  They told me at the end of June they were escalating to Engineering, and then nada.

And then they come out with a new version that I must pay for to upgrade less than two months later.  Sigh.  I really want to find the email address of an executive at Corel and let them know just how frustrating their support infrastructure is.

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