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Toast 17 and 18 fail to burn vids > 10GB


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After months of doing all sorts of loops of my Toast 17 [then Toast 18] always miscalculated filesize of my vids, I finally made the key discovery. Unlike Toast 14, 17 and now 18 will not burn vids bigger than 10GB. Under Toast 14 my vids of 11.35GB fitted in on both standard DVD-R and Blu-Ray with room to spare - See attached from a screenshot using 14. Roxio has yet to respond to my question: does Toast 17 able to burn vids bigger than 10GB? Can anyone else test that?


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Julius Cervales (Corel)

Jul 30, 03:25 EDT

Hello GottaRun

Thank you for contacting Corel.

My apologies for the delay but the issue that you contacted us about has already been directed to our engineering team to look into and hopefully get resolved in a timely fashion. The earliest a fix is possible is in a future service pack or new version. We cannot comment on a timeframe as to when will be released for the update of software. This includes both features and fixes. Thanks.

Should you need anything else in the interim, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Thank you,
Corel Customer Support



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Ehmmm GottaRun,


You're posting this in the Toast 17 (and Toast 18 I suppose for the time being) forum, but your screenshot is from Toast 14? So how confused is Corel with this one or they don't care much, per usual.


Sorry, my fault, please disregard because I'm afraid I didn't read you're post with enough attention.

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I did have a problem with Toast 17. Choose to burn a Blu-ray and insert 2 files size are 12 GB. An Toast did give a size of 900 kb? I needed to burn a Blu-ray so I bought Toast 18 in a rush, and as a 'suprice' same error went back to Toast 15 which did OK. Did I just 79 euro's because this error wasn't solved with Toast 17? Se attach  





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