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I am irritated with Roxio. I have had an audio issue with MP4s from the camera that we haven't figured out (static and nothing else), but working fine in other programs (including Roxio's) I saved the audio in Goldwave, muted the native audio, and added the redone audio (which plays fine), but when I try to output a new MP4 get the following message: "Error an error occurred during rendering." Gee, thanks a lot Roxio, that is real helpful. I have also had issue with jewel case inserts saved at times, and problems at times in MYDVD with it getting to 99% and failing. I upgraded the computer and versions to NXT 6 and still had that issue a few times in this version. I can usually restart before starting the rendering and make it, but I shouldn't have to. It seems like the programs have gone south. I go back to Adaptec and things seemed better back then. I may have to scrap Roxio products altogether and go with another company's.

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