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I have "upgraded" to NXT Pro 7.  to primarily digitize my Vinyl collection.

Support has been responsive thus far.  I'm hoping that the group can help.  Bugs include :

Tracks are not identified automatically.  This creates a time consuming process of separation.

Program hangs and stops responding when stopped.  Problem is intermittent

Now I cant even load an audio file after the program was not responding.  

Tags seem to identify almost all songs as recorded by Eminem.  I had no idea he was that old or that prolific.

Others with similar problems?  Solutions?  Commiseration?


Its been awhile, and no responses.  Support was very attentive and then after getting a look at my admin files etc, they simply dropped the ball.  I threatened to try and get my money back and poof!!  They were gone.  The program works, sort of.  The track separation doesn't work and the tags are ridiculous.  I am able to digitize my vinyl but it is clunky at best.  If youre out there support, you could respond and commiserate at least.  Thus far this is an expensive disappointment.


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I have a similar situation when trying to digitize my vinyl records. I used Creator 2011 for years and had it set to add a track separator each time I hit "pause". Creator NXT 7 will not do that even though I have the box ticked in Advanced Options. I thing upgrading was a waste of time and money.


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I tried various versions of Creator to digitise my LP's and nothing did what I wanted.
My old Crosley case player came with its own software which from what I can tell is a cut down version of the free programme Audacity.

I now just record a side keep recording and turn the LP over and go until it finishes. I then split the tracks and name them myself.
It seems there's very little out there  that will do the job properly of splitting tracks and tagging the songs.

I've now bought an Audio Technics turntable and the start up guide just points you to Audacity.

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