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Component works but HDMI does not (any more)



It is with a heavy heart that I have to reach out to the Roxio user community for a last-ditch effort at resolving an issue that, unfortunately, I think I already know the answer to. I know the members here are fans of informative question posts, so I will explain my setup and situation as best as I am able.

My intention was to record and stream gameplay from my Nintendo Gamecube. I have an old 64 bit PC with a fresh install of Windows XP. This PC works beautifully, no hiccups and plenty of CPU power and RAM to run the Roxio software. I installed the Roxio software and all of its updates properly. Once that was done, and I mean ONLY after it was done, I plugged in my Roxio device and everything worked properly. I am able to capture my Gamecube! Woo! Following directions from this forum works! 

A bit of an aside, in case you were wondering, I am connecting the Gamecube to the Roxio via HDMI using a HD converter device for the GC known as the "Carby". It takes the digital out port intended for the (extremely expensive and rare) component cables and converts it to a 480p60 HDMI signal, complete with a female HDMI port. I plug an HDMI cable from the Carby into the Roxio, another HDMI cable from the Roxio output to my monitor, and the USB is connected of course to my PC.

So, with the above setup, everything was working beautifully! (except for a weird error with authorizing my twitch account for streaming, but that's for another thread). I was able to record some hours of my gameplay successfully at 480p60. However, I noticed that my "monitoring" output was a bit blurry. Well, not blurry, but more like a very subtle "VHS" kind of distortion. I figured this is just some signal loss that is occurring during the pass-through of the HDMI signal. Nothing devastating, but since I had everything working I figured "I better try to fine-tune this to get it perfect". So I came back here to the forums searching for anyone else with this blur problem, and I found the following thread:

This user, in case you don't feel like clicking, claimed that he fixed his blurry tv output issue by simply switching the input and output HDMI cables around. Nobody stepped in to tell him he was wrong or insane, so I figured I would give it a shot. Well, unfortunately from that point forward, I never got an HDMI signal from my gamecube->roxio again. This is where it got fun. I have repaired and also reinstalled Roxio.  I used Revo uninstaller to clear out any traces. No go. Reinstalled windows XP and all of its updates. No go. Tried reinstalling Roxio again, nope.

It's worth mentioning that I also get no signal through my monitor. If I turn on the gamecube I have blackness. I have tested both cables directly from my Cube to the TV, and they both work perfectly (They are brand new high end cables) Just when attempting to pass the HDMI signal through the Roxio to the TV OR the PC, both do not work. Also, no audio. Keep that noted.

I am getting a red "No Signal" status, and something strange occurs in my preview window: When my Cube is powered off, I usually get a blue screen in my preview window. Ever since the "HDMI switch trick", it instead displays just the left 1/3rd of the blue screen with a black horizontal stripe in the middle. So, a broken image. When I power on the Cube, the preview window turns black. Every once in a while, there are little multicolored static pixels that pop in here and there, scarcely. The pixels popping in and out seems to correlate with what is happening in the game (i.e. me shuffling through the game menus blindly with my controller while monitoring through the Software). So, as the red "No Signal" message implies, there IS a signal, but something is gravely wrong. Oh yeah, if I switch to "Component" in the software, the broken blue preview becomes a perfect rectangle like it used to on HDMI before I did that stupid, stupid trick. This got me to thinking...does component still work?

For the final test, I tried to plug my COMPOSITE cable's audio plugs into the red/white component audio inputs, just to see if the audio signal would come through. Sure enough, I got audio. Unfortunately I dont have any true component cables or devices to test the component video signal on, but I can pretty much confirm that JUST the HDMI is broken. I have tried with multiple devices, dvd players, raspberry pi's..no signal.

To reiterate:

-My x64 WinXP PC is capable of running the software and hardware

-I had it working beautifully via the HDMI, despite some blurriness

-In an attempt to fix the blur, I followed a thread here to try to fix it

-My HDMI stopped working completely when passing through the Roxio

-After all uninstalls, XP reinstalls, Roxio Reinstall, the result is the same:

-Broken blue screen on preview, black screen when the Cube is powered on, no sound, red "No Signal" status

-Component mode has a normal looking blue standby screen, and audio passes through properly.

I am hoping beyond hope that it might be possible to fix. I noticed in this thread (even though his problem might be a bit different), a fellow posted a screenshot of his preview window, and it is behaving exactly like mine: 


Take a look at that screenshot he provided, my preview window does EXACTLY the same thing! A weird broken blue box, and the red "No signal" status. This is when I have the Gamecube off. When I power it on, this goes black. Powering off the cube gives this broken blue screen again. Component mode shows an unbroken blue rectangle like it should, and signal passes through fine.

Did I ruin my Roxio by switching the HDMI cables around? Is that possible? Did I really just irresponsibly take some totally horrible advice from the support forums and screw myself over after days and days of configuration? Or did I, despite my hours of digging through these forums, miss the answer to this? I anxiously await your replies.

Thank you for taking the time to read this thread.

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 Lets start with some basic stuff. First....It appears it  works OK when using  a Component signal  source fine, is this correct?

If so, try using a different HDMI source, like a DVD player/HDMI out from your computer.



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39 minutes ago, ogdens said:

 First....It appears it  works OK when using  a Component signal  source fine, is this correct?

If so, try using a different HDMI source, like a DVD player/HDMI out from your computer.



Yes, component signal is functional, as i said in the title and the post. The HDMI signal used to work perfectly except for some color bleed, until I tried to reverse the hdmi plugs (tv to roxio in, gamecube to roxio out) as suggested by that thread i linked.

I mentioned in my post that I already tried using a DVD player and 2 different Raspberry Pi computers as a source, all with the same exact result.

The question I have standing right now is: Is it possible to ruin the hdmi function by connecting the input and output in reverse?

Update: I keep powering the Gamecube on and off to get the blue screen to come and go, in hopes that it might produce a result, and now I am noticing that when I have the source device off but connected (gamecube or otherwise), i have the broken blue screen but also with random junk pixels popping in and out of the screen. See the attached screenshot. When i power on the console, that image stabilizes back to the broken blue box with no random pixels.


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Further update: I have contacted the customer support chat for about an hour, and we did every thing possible to troubleshoot. We tried basically everything that I hear the regulars around here suggesting to people with Roxio problems. i.e. driver re-installs, repair, uninstalling, directx updates, so on and so forth. I even went as far as completely wiping my hard drive and reinstalling windows XP for a fresh start. The result is the same. Ever since i swapped the HDMI plug configuration, I lost my HDMI signal and never got it back. Instead I got this weird glitchiness. I had one good night of recording, at least I have a little footage to prove that it worked less than 24 hours ago. 

The customer support person escalated my ticket to the technicians to see if there is another fix of some kind, but after several hours of trial and error, I can with utmost certainty say that this is not a software issue. I firmly believe something bad happened to the RGC hardware when I reversed those plugs in an attempt to improve the blurriness, as suggested in that help thread...

I am open to any suggestions and thoughts in the meantime, if you or anyone else wants to weigh in here.

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10 hours ago, ogdens said:

Do you get any signals on your TV?    ( Gamecap to Roxio  HDMI IN    -   TV to Roxio HDMI OUT)



....again, as I also stated in my original post, No. I do not get any signal. The roxio->tv output is blackness. Maybe there is a signal because the tv doesnt say "no signal" but its just complete blackness.

Before i swapped the input and output, this worked fine.

SOMETHING is coming through because i can see the broken blue box jitter in the preview window when i turn on or off the gamecube, which says to me that something is getting through, its just scrambled.

Meanwhile, by the way, component works fine. Its just the hdmi signal.

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