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Video Wave crashes constantly >> Change / save / crash / relaunch


I was having issues with my old video wave on NXT 2, so upgraded to NXT 7 Pro.    Unfortunately, I'm having even more problems with the software. 

When creating a production I am lucky to get more than one change made before it goes not-responding and I'm forced to close the app and relaunch.  In order to make any progress, I must save after each change that is made (new panel, new picture or video added, transition, volume envelope changes... anything) which is extremely time consuming if I have a large production.   My current production includes 3 video segments (about 3 minutes total) and 200 photos.  No transitions at this time.   

I had problems with this installation from the beginning and I worked with tech support for days and must have uninstalled / reinstalled at least 10-15 times.  I thought it had improved, but no.   

Anyone else having this issue?  Any suggestions?



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When you start a new production in Videowave and do quite a bit of work on it you should save it before it gets too large

as a dmsm file to a folder of your choice that contains ALL of the photos, music, videos etc. all in the same folder.

If it stops for some reason and you want to continue working on it later, go to the folder where you save the original

and right click on it and open with videowave as your option. I when I do this I usually look for the "DAT" file associated

with my particular production (which will have been saved in that same folder) and delete it. Now when you open

up the last saved production it will automatically re-establish a new DAT file. that original production you save will

never go away (unless you deliberitly delete it) and should be used where you last saved it.

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