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mp3 audio output becomes distorted and phased in editor




    I'm using a windows desktop 64 bit (windows10) and nxt 7 creator.
using video wave, I've successfully added background audio to my 3 still images at 60 min duration, and exported with great success. 3 and 0 until this buggy mp3 or video wave issue.

There's one buggy mp3 files however, that plays fine all the way thru on windows media player, audacity, but when it's loaded in the editor..  it becomes phased and distorted somewhere around 40 minutes.  It's gradual.  by the end it sounds like a Nine Inch nails song.  the audio mangling is baked in and the exported file also plays the distorted parts.    I use 2 checkpoints   42 min and 58 min, and those segments play fine outside of video wave.   

Please help. 


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Sorry, I cannot help but want to validate what you heard. My problem though is with distorted audio from the original VCR Tape captured with Roxio Media Import in the Creator NXT7 suite of tools.  The .avi file audio is fine when played with Windows Movie & TV, or Windows Live Movie Maker, or even the video player within the editor before you add it into the storyline in VideoWave. But the moment I take the clip and add it into a Panel in VideoWave, it distorts. Earlier Panels in the production play just fine, with no distortion. The earlier Panels are from the same file in the Media Selector, but just Scenes from that file.

Go figure.

If you have figured out how to avoid it, I would appreciate "feeling the bumps on your head, rather than getting my own"!

I have had so many problems with this tool over the past year, I am about to give up and go get something that works - encoded video is jerky, does not support .wmv files in My DVD,  and now audio distortion. The support of this tool via customer support is really just terrible - never had an experience as bad as with the Roxio suite. The business model is that ;evel 1 just opens tickets, and level 2 is in India and expects you to be up and available when they come into the office at 7:00PM MDT,  often times a day or two later. Communication is all by email.



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